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    101180 - Archery Instruction

    Come to the ECC and test your skill on the new archery range. Learn some of the basics in our instructional class or come down and just practice during the open range class. These do require pre-registration so we can provide proper time and equipment to make sure your archery session enjoyable. Our range moves indoors during the winter months so you can enjoy archery year round. While at the range please follow the instructor commands at all times to ensure safety. Keep an eye out for Robin Hood himself; you never know when he may come back for a visit!

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    Add to Cart101180-03Archery Instruction03/28/18- 04/25/18 6:00P- 6:45PWItem DetailsAvailable

    110760 - Parents Night Out

    Attention Parents, do you need a night out, without the kids?
    The ECC has the answer for you! While you are out enjoying dinner and a movie, your kids will enjoy a fun-filled evening of games, arts and crafts and much more!! Dinner will be provided.

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    Add to Cart110760-03Parents Night Out03/23/18- 03/23/18 6:30P- 10:00PFItem DetailsAvailable

    111030 - Soccer

    The objective of these classes is to introduce the wonderful game of soccer to young players in a fun enjoyable environment.

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    Add to Cart111030-04Soccer Training 3-4 yrs03/21/18- 04/18/18 3:00P- 3:45PWItem DetailsAvailable
    Read Notice111030-22AYSO- Soccer Winter01/27/18- 03/24/18 9:00A- 12:00PSaItem DetailsWaitlist

    111070 - Tennis Lessons (Youth)

    Instructor Bio: Michael Beitman
    Michael is a graduate of Andrew Warde H.S. in Fairfield, and Boston University. In 2009 he
    retired from the City of Bridgeport’s Information Technology Services Department after 25 years
    of devoted service.
    Michael worked four years at Trumbull Racket Club as a part time instructor. His
    responsibilities included Tournament Training Center, USTA 18 and under team practice,
    adult/junior clinics, private lessons, USTA Quick Start Tournaments and coach for home/away USTA
    matches. Michael represented TRC at USTA meetings.
    Michael Beitman has been with Fairfield County Tennis for the past six years, five years as
    Easton’s head pro. Michael is both a PTR & USTA member. Michael, in conjunction with the Wilton
    YMCA, recently completed the Redwoods Institute Risk Management Training course.
    Michael brings to the court years of expertise, enthusiasm for the sport, and his friendly
    demeanor to teach and encourage tennis players of all ages.

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    Add to Cart111070-03Youth Tennis - Beginner03/11/18- 04/08/18 9:00A- 9:30ASuItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart111070-04Youth Tennis Lessons - Intermediate03/11/18- 04/08/18 9:30A- 10:30ASuItem DetailsWaitlist

    111080 - Basketball Instruction

    The ECC offers the most comprehensive, fun, and exciting basketball program to the area. This class will provide every child with the skills that will help them develop an appreciation and enjoyment of the game. Each player will be given individual attention. Each session includes instruction, game play, contests, and educational disciplines.

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    Add to Cart111080-03Basketball Instruction03/14/18- 04/11/18 4:00P- 4:45PWItem DetailsWaitlist

    111371 - Flag Football

    Come down and score a touchdown. Show off your skills throwing, running and catching while the ECC staff ensures safe and fair play. Good sportsmanship & teamwork are emphasized during the games.

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    Read Notice111371-01Flag Football01/31/18- 03/28/18 5:00P- 6:00PWItem DetailsClass in Progress

    111372 - Knocker Soccer

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    Add to Cart111372-04Knockerball03/26/18- 04/23/18 3:15P- 4:00PMItem DetailsAvailable

    111373 - GaGa Ball

    Gaga is a fast paced, high energy sport played in an octagonal pit. The more players the better! Dubbed a kinder gentler version of dodge ball, the game is played with a soft foam ball, and combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a ball below the knees. Players need to keep moving to avoid getting hit by the ball. Fun and easy, everyone gets a serious workout.

    Easily addictive, people can't wait to get back in the pit. The games move quickly...after a few short minutes, the action heats up with a second ball, sure to get even the best players out within minutes. Once the game ends, everyone is back in for the next round.

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    Add to Cart111373-02GaGa Ball03/28/18- 04/25/18 4:00P- 4:45PWItem DetailsAvailable

    119280 - Parent & Tot Playgroup

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    Add to Cart119280-02Playtots - Parent & Tot class03/23/18- 04/20/18 9:30A- 10:30AFItem DetailsAvailable

    119281 - Positive Parenting Workshop

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    Add to Cart119281-01Positive Parenting Workshop03/22/18- 03/22/18 6:30P- 8:00PThItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart119281-05Positive Parenting Workshop Childcare03/22/18- 03/22/18 6:30P- 8:00PThItem DetailsAvailable

    119480 - Youth Dance

    Foster a love of movement in your child with this fun and energetic class. Lessons consider student's attention spans and keeps them happily engaged while learning to translate music into movement. Interaction is consistent and incorporates a high level of praise to promote a strong sense of accomplishment. Instructor is from the Studio Arte Company.

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    Add to Cart119480-03Creative Movement & Dance03/20/18- 04/17/18 1:00P- 1:50PTuItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart119480-07Intro to Hip-Hop03/26/18- 04/23/18 3:15P- 4:00PMItem DetailsAvailable

    121080 - Break Dancing Class

    Break Dancing offers students who enjoy moving to music and acrobatics an opportunity to dance and perform. This popular dance form builds upper body strength and coordination as well as finding your own character in expressing yourself through dance. In performance, Break Dancing is often a big crowd pleaser, building self confidence among the dancers. Hip-Hop is fast becoming one of the most “in” dance forms in America. Mastering all foundations and elements in this competitive dance style is what we strive for.

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    Add to Cart121080-02Break Dancing Class03/26/18- 04/23/18 6:20P- 7:20PMItem DetailsAvailable

    121240 - Badminton - Juniors

    Looking for a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time? Beginning – intermediate as well as experienced advanced players welcomed. Beginners are taught the basics and more advanced principles of the sport. While the beginners are being taught the intermediate/advanced players can just play. Every game is set up by the instructor to be both balanced and fun. Badminton is an Olympic sport, this is not your summer backyard game. Badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world. Birds have been clocked at international competition at over 200 miles per hour.

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    Add to Cart121240-04Bdmtn-Junior-Drop-In03/26/18- 03/26/18 6:30P- 8:00PMItem DetailsAvailable

    121590 - Skateboarding

    This class will show the rider how to ride a skateboard. Starting with the basics learn the art of riding and balancing on the board. Then those that are ready, will be instructed at beginner, intermediate, and even expert level skateboarding tricks. With careful instruction every rider will feel prepared to take on any obstacle within their skill level with confidence. The class will include proper stretching and cardio techniques before every rider jumps on the board. Helmets are mandatory for all skaters and elbow and knee pads are needed for the beginner level participants. This class is tailored for all ages.

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    Add to Cart121590-02Skateboarding 10103/14/18- 04/11/18 6:00P- 6:45PWItem DetailsAvailable

    131041 - Men's Roller Hockey

    Players must supply their own equipment.

    Come and join us for the fast paced action in our adult roller hockey league. This is a non-checking League. Participants must supply their own equipment. Safety equipment needed is a helmet with eye protection, gloves, protective cup, shin guards. Our Multi Sport surface is ideal for roller hockey.

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    Add to Cart131041-01Men's Roller Hockey01/24/18- 06/06/18 7:00P- 10:00PWItem DetailsAvailable

    131080 - Men's Basketball

    Think you have skills on the court? Sign up a team in one of Fairfield County’s most competitive basketball leagues. Display your talents in our fast paced league.

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    Add to Cart131080-02Men's 5-on-5 BB01/23/18- 03/27/18 7:00P- 10:00PTuItem DetailsAvailable